The right people who belong in your life will come to you, and stay.
😍Love it!

I miss u so much sweetheart 😘😘😭😭😂

:)An ideal boyfriend is not based on his looks, it’s in his desire to make you happy.
<3Thanks for taking care of me, giving me advice, listening in me always. I know there are no words to explain how lucky I am to have you. You’re one of a kind. I love you!!
PIPO!I thank God for giving you to me.
We may fight, but it helps keep our relationship strong.
I may act childish sometimes but you always understand me.
That’s what I love most about you.
I miss u & I love u so much!

Thanks for everything sayang for always be with me.You always treat me like a princess. Wahh <3. Sabar awak dgn sy..Be good! My love Always with u sayang!


Masih ada karat, masih ada karat.  Mesti mahu sental.  Allah, beri aku kekuatan.
Moga kita terus tsabat; biidznillah.